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rate me

The Basics:
1) Name: Jedd
2) Age: 16
3) Location: Santa Barbara, CA and Hermosa Beach, CA (hooray for divorce)
4) Favorite Color: beige
5) Least favorite article of clothing: the hat or the monocle (actually i like the monocle i take that back)

Get To Know Section.

6) What are your top 3 favorite musical artist(s) & song performed by each? And why?:
1. Hot Cross - Putting The Past Right. This song is just so furious it's awesome, I can't really explain.
2. Boys Night Out - This Broken Killswitch. This song is how I feel alot. And the breakdown rocks.
3. Alexisonfire - The Kennedy Curse. This is truth.

7) List 5 more. (Name only):
- Every Time I Die
- Refused
- Blink 182 (poppy I know, but still good)
- Saetia
- Poison The Well
8) Favorite Movie?:
The Big Lebowski
9) If you could hold on to 3 items from your life right now til the day you die, what three items would you keep with you?:
My guitar (gibson sg for all you guitar connoseiurs or however the fuck you spell it)
My grandfather's bracelet (I got it when he died, it was his anniversary gift)
A book I was given (the book itself is irrelevant)
10) What is your dream job?:
being a fucking rockstar
11) What is your biggest pet peeve?:
when my dad hums along to hardcore music in the car when we drive. and when this one fucking girl sighs every fucking second during history tests.
12) Do you have any fetishes? Any weird obsessions?:
not really. i used to cut myself but that wasn't weird and it wasn't something im proud of.
13) Do you have any pets? If not, what animal in particular would you like?
i do. two dogs named zoey and arnold. at my dad's house we have a dog named bunny but she has cancer :(
14) What does your closet consist of?
clothes. just clothes. it sucks.
15) Pick a random object from your room. Tell us about it.
the peavey half-stack to my left. right now it sits in all its 5150 glory. this was my largest purchase ever. $700 dollars which i saved up to buy this beast. usually it's at my drummer's house but i took it for spring break for a show and now it's in my room. she's the flagship of my fleet, i suppose. and by flagship of my fleet i mean that metaphor makes no sense.

Instant Responce--Basically, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear these words? (Think Word Assocation.)
16) Perodical- war
17) Cross- hot
18) Coffee- can
19) Foot- binding
20) Comedy- central
21) Tea Kettle- japan
22) Midnight- rider
23) Porcelin- faith
24) Window- reflection
25) Light- saber

How You Really Think.

26) How do you think Music can change a persons life? Is it always for the better?:
no it's not always for a better. look at emo kids. i'm one of them. but then again, sometimes it's good. i dont see what grindxcore does though for people that's good. just turns them into drinking assholes who beat eachother up. not to degrade drinking though. drinking is hardcore. HOORAY!
27) What do you consider a sell-out?:
nazis. they sucked.
28) Comformity? Anarchist? How do those words really play out? Do you think they've lost their true meaning?:
i dont think they really had meaning. by conforming you're a conformist and by not conforming youre conforming to non conformist views. stupid.. :( anarchist. no, you can still hate the government and shit and be an anarchist. look at anti-flag! OMG CAPITALISM SUCKS OMG ! ANTI FLAG IS SO HARDCORE
29) How do you feel about the possibility of only releasing EP's in order to promote record sales (because they'd be cheaper)?:
yeah sure. most of the cds i buy aren't all that expensive anyways.
30) To download.. or not to download?:
downloading is great as long as you're not fucking over some small band. if you download metallica.. fuck em'. if you download from first to last and dont plan on buying their stuff, you suck. but i mean, music is music. man.
31) Do you think you can tell what music someone listens to by what they wear?:
i know this kid who dresses in hawaiian shirts and listens to the uk subs. so no, no you cannot. but i mean.. if they wear jeans and band shirts and have dyed black hair and wear studs.. it's probably a safe bet they're hXc or emo.

Finally, before you go.. do one of the following
a) ----------------
c) this sucks: "an angel and an addict"
i've spent my whole life running from the moment before the last
i've drank myself a murderer so that i might erase my past
and yet i find it strange the only one who's survived this killing spree is the person i hate the most
and between broken bottles and silent hearts
i'll promise i'll forget what you could not forgive
cut our faces from faded photographs
i'm giving in to alcoholic dreams
d) Drop a picture
it's old

that's alli got bye

but how could they be jamming us if they didn't know that we were... coming?
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