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Long lost friend

A photo i have found
Of a long lost friend of mine

The colors that i see are the
very colors i have seen before

Her hair is as dark as night
The shine of her skin is as
smooth as silk

As i gaze across this photo
I see the soft colors of morning
with the glow of hope in each day

The eyes are the softness of the
morning and the hope is in her hands

Her smile brings joy to my soul,
memories to my mind and secrets
to my ear

What a joy it is to rediscover this long
lost friend of mine........


No One

No one to understand me
No one there to shine a light
upon me
No one to pull me up away from
this flood
No one to listen to me
No one to quite figure me out
No one that i can rely on
No one to tell me not to
No one to stop me
No one to shoot me...


theres 2 for right now. Sorry had to be so short but
those are from when i was in the pits of hell and stuff
When i had nothing at all. If yall would like to hear
more let me know and i will copy some more for yall to read!

and i will
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