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Rate me...

The Basics:
1) Name: Sarah
2) Age: 13
3) Location: New Jersey
4) Favorite Color: Crimson red
5) Least favorite article of clothing: Skirts and dresses

Get To Know Section. -Just be creative!

6) What are your top 3 favorite musical artist(s) & song performed by each? And why?: 1. The Used- "All That I've Got" because... well I don't know. I just really love the lyrics. 2. The Smiths- "Asleep" Well if you have read The Perks Of Being A Wallflower then you would have heard of it and it helped me understnd the book better. 3. My Chemical Romance- "Helena" because I love why the song was written and I really like the part of the song where it is "We'll meet again when both our cars collide"
7) List 5 more. (Name only): Taking Back Sunday, Fall Out Boy, UnderOATH, Senses Fail, Bright Eyes
8) Favorite Movie?: Gardenstate, Grease, The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
9) If you could hold on to 3 items from your life right now til the day you die, what three items would you keep with you?: My computer, my MP3 player, my writing books. Sorry those things sucked.
10) What is your dream job?: I don't really know... band? Arcitech [fuck I can't spell for shit!]
11) What is your biggest pet peeve?: I don't really have any.
12) Do you have any fetishes? Any weird obsessions?: Music and this computer is my obsession. Oh... making out with people. Not really an obsession... just something I enjoy. Greatly.
13) Do you have any pets? If not, what animal in particular would you like? No pets. I want a panda. I know that wont happen but pandas are cool.
14) What does your closet consist of?Closet? Oh. I don't use it. I just have my clothes lying around my floor but uh... it consists of jeans and band shirts.
15) Pick a random object from your room. Tell us about it. I'll pick my... book shelf... ? I picked it because I am looking at it now and uh... it just has my manga books and just some other books I own. And it has my writing journal.

Instant Responce--Basically, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear these words? (Think Word Assocation.)
16) Perodical- My teacher said this once before...
17) Cross- Fuck religion.
18) Coffee- Live it. Love it. Drink too much of it.
19) Foot- Loose.
20) Comedy- Central.
21) Tea Kettle- Makes a loud noise that is annoying.
22) Midnight- Munchies. [It is an old nickname for a radio show...]
23) Porcelin- The glass shit in my house that if you touch it my mom will flip the shit.
24) Window- They break if you throw stuff at it.
25) Light- Damn light.

How You Really Think. --This is the section to let us know how you really think, and feel about music. Be ruthless, we'll love it. :-)

26) How do you think Music can change a persons life? Is it always for the better?: I think that a singer's lyrics can help a person, change a way they think or act, and/or inspire them. It can be for the better. It can be for the worse. I know a friend who was trying to commit suicde so I have them lyrics to a song that ment a lot to me, and it soon did to them too. Some songs even remind me of my own life and things that happened to me and others.
27) What do you consider a sell-out?: Bands that will do anything just for attention. And get ruined by MTV. Then again. It is good for the band. And honestly I don't think of any bands as sell-outs.
28) Comformity? Anarchist? How do those words really play out? Do you think they've lost their true meaning?: I do think they have lost their true meaning. That is all I will say. Sorry. I am not big on this topic.
29) How do you feel about the possibility of only releasing EP's in order to promote record sales (because they'd be cheaper)?: I think that is stupid but whatever makes them happy.
30) To download.. or not to download?: To download. How else are you going to find underground music? Oh yeah... the inter net... but still. Downloading is a good thing. It may not make money for people but what is good about it is that if you just have heard of a band then you can download one or two of their songs and decide if they are good or not.
31) Do you think you can tell what music someone listens to by what they wear?: Yeah. I really think you can. It is sad. I try to stay a mystery to most people. [don't ask me why.] But if you see people with the tight girl pants and tight band shirts and military hats and mosh gloves and studded belts then they most likely listen to Alexisonfire, UnderOATH, Norma Jean, From First To Last, and things like that.

Finally, before you go.. do one of the following
a) Tell us a joke. Uh... this is lame but the only one I really know: Why does Afganistan have no Wallmarts? Because there is a Target around every corner.
b) Leave us with an interesting URL. Uhm...
c) Leave an original poem or song. God... uh... okay... Why? Why do your eyes have to be so different from each other? How come everytime I see you, your beautiful eyes I forget everything in the world and can only think about you? Why do I let you over power me, let you have me, then if anyone asks you what happened you say, "nothing"? Then how come the next time I see you or when we are alone you act like where we just left off? Why? Your eyes may look like they are in shock, but it is only because you never knew this side of me. If you cared, or listened, instead of trying to shove your tongue down my throat then you would know. Don't act suprised because of this. I have told you before. The only time you really listen is when I said, "kiss me again, I love you" or even to "stop". I want to thank you, can break you. You are wonderful, yet a true bastard. You own me. I love you. Love me. Please. I knw you do though, because after our first kiss you whispered, "I. Love. You." Sorry that sucked so badly. But that is really about something that has to do with my life.
d) Drop a picture.
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