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The Basics:
1) Name: Beccah :)
2) Age: 16
3) Location: Between Louisiana and Mississippi
4) Favorite Color: Orange
5) Least favorite article of clothing: Bra

Get To Know Section. -Just be creative!

6) What are your top 3 favorite musical artist(s) & song performed by each? And why?: Deadstar Assemby "Breathe for me", The lyrics are really intense. Uh..Pink Floyd "Comfortably Numb"..It says it all right there, amazing. And...Flaw, "Letter" Its great to think about the lyrics and how you would react to it all
7) List 5 more. (Name only): Finger Eleven, A Perfec Circle, Bright Eyes, hmm..I like oldies so..Luther Vandross, Journey.
8) Favorite Movie?: Donnie Darko, Alice in Wonderland..Nightmare before Christmas..
9) If you could hold on to 3 items from your life right now til the day you die, what three items would you keep with you?: My promise ring from Tommy, My journal..and one of my dads pictures be for he died.
10) What is your dream job?: I'd love to be a writer..
11) What is your biggest pet peeve?: When i'm mad or sad, I always fidget
12) Do you have any fetishes? Any weird obsessions?:  Yeah, I cut..but i've been stopping,
13) Do you have any pets? If not, what animal in particular would you like? I have a rabbit named Poo, Black cat named Roger..and a puppy named Peanut
14) What does your closet consist of? A plastic dresser, Pants, shoes..belts and a spongebob sheet :P
15) Pick a random object from your room. Tell us about it. My buddah statue Tommy bought me, it's so cute and fat. I think of Tommy every time I look at it.

Instant Responce--Basically, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear these words? (Think Word Assocation.)
16) Perodical-  My period, ew.
17) Cross- Dads ring,
18) Coffee- French Vanilla creamer
19) Foot- Ugly
20) Comedy- Dave Chaplle
21) Tea Kettle- Little Teapot
22) Midnight- Stars
23) Porcelin- Doll  (they use to call me that)

24) Window- outside world
25) Light- Light bright

How You Really Think. --This is the section to let us know how you really think, and feel about music. Be ruthless, we'll love it. :-)

26) How do you think Music can change a persons life? Is it always for the better?: It influences there mood sometimes, Or relaxes them..makes them who they are sometimes
27) What do you consider a sell-out?: A dishonest person, who is not trustworthy..
28) Comformity? Anarchist? How do those words really play out? Do you think they've lost their true meaning?: Yeah, none of them are really that true..but if it's what you like go with it..I don't care really about the President and all that.
29) How do you feel about the possibility of only releasing EP's in order to promote record sales (because they'd be cheaper)?: Go ahead, i'll buy.
30) To download.. or not to download?: To download.
31) Do you think you can tell what music someone listens to by what they wear?: Uh..sometimes, but not all the the time, you'd be surprised.

Finally, before you go.. do one of the following
a) Tell us a joke Okay, there was this sea cucumber..and a mulusk..usually sea cucumbers don't talk..Uh I forgot :O
b) Leave us with an interesting URL.
c) Leave an original poem or song       " Sweet Moon "

Sweet moon,
It's I the child of you,
Calling for help.
I loved him dearly,
Just enough to show him,
The true me.

He seemed so interesed in the magic,
I wanted him to love me for myself..
Share my world with him and be honest..

Sweet moon,
Why did it turn out like this?
He couldn't spill kisses like a Loup Garou,
But he was still just as sweet.

Psychotic am I?
Sweet moon..Tonight
I run within your pale welcoming light.
I'll release these feelings through my true form.
Let it wash away with in the shadowy darkness..
With the wolf at my side...

d) Drop a picture

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