Kicking Names & Taking Ass By All Means Unecessary (kling_klang_bed) wrote in gasping_forair,
Kicking Names & Taking Ass By All Means Unecessary

Heyo, all.
As you might already know, I'm a pirate in Chicago, riding my fearsome pirate ship up and down Michigan Avenue striking fear in the rich scalliwags of the city. And yes, I have a rusty hook and a peg leg that strikes fear into everyone, and drives the ladies wild.

I run a promotions company named Initial Sequence Productions, which handles goth-industrial and electronic promotions here in America. Tons of goodies on there,and more fun music than you can shake your peg leg at,maties! I got an LJ page for it at Initial Sequence Productions LJ Page
so feel free to swing on in and say "arrrrrrrrr!". And I'll break open beer and steaks for ye, and we'll do pirate jigs all night long.
Feel free to add me, and I'll add you back. :-)

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